Changing Shoes is a one-woman show, about the beautiful, life changing and sometimes difficult discoveries we make when we least expect them. Tina Sloan, a successful actress, mother, wife and friend has a chance encounter one night with an old pair of shoes, sending her on a journey she never planned to take. Join Tina as she searches for the answers to life’s ultimate questions in the bottom of her closet and finds reasons to celebrate rather than to give up as she ages. Clips of 26 years on Guiding Light and in movies she has done add to the show's humor and sadness.

The play was written by Tina Sloan and Joe Plummer. Joe also directed it.

Tina Sloan in: Changing Shoes


This is what audiences are saying about "Changing Shoes": <

  I laughed and cried
–Michele Dargan, Palm Beach Daily News
–Michele Dargan, Palm Beach Daily News
  I am so in awe of you and how you've taken negatives in your life and turned them into a positives and never gave up! Barbara Bush was right, everyone should see your play!
–Michele Dargan, Palm Beach Daily News
THE new play in town is “Changing Shoes” …Tina Sloan is fabulous!!!! Tina’s solo performance is entertaining, funny, heartwarming, sentimental and wonderful. So put on your Manolo or Chanel shoes, grab some friends and go!
–Audience member, Atlanta
“Guiding Light” fans will be drooling over all the
“behind the camera” tidbits. What is totally unexpected is that those who wouldn’t watch a soap, on a dare, also find her monologue compelling and moving and funny. And her passionate love of acting is the thread that shouts out to her audience. As she steps into each pair of shoes, she lets us walk in them with her.
–Atlanta Theatre Review
Changing Shoes is a must-see for every one!
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and more significantly, you’ll relate. Changing Shoes tells a story that is as much for men as it is for women because we all have to deal with the harsh reality of getting older, ours and others. Changing Shoes is clever and witty from start to finish. Who can resist the charm and talent of the fabulous Tina Sloan!
–-E. Vincent Martinez, Atlanta