Tina Sloan enjoyed a three and a half decade-long career as a soap actress playing Lillian Raines on Guiding Light. Tina is also a speaker, author, playwright, and theatrical actress. Her latest film is BLACK SWAN with Natalie Portman. Tina’s newest incarnation is as co-author and star of her one-woman show, CHANGING SHOES, which she is currently touring across the United States.

Through her own stories of struggle, courage, and transformation and using her unique self-deprecating wit and charm Tina inspires women to become the individuals they've always wanted to be making her an instant confidant, sounding board, and sage.

IN MY 20’s
Looking up- without a care in the world. This is me just beginning to follow my dreams.

IN MY 30’s
Becoming sophisticated...ish (never quite mastered “sophisticated”). That’s a cat in my arms!

IN MY 40’s
Loving playing nurse Lillian Raines (on Guiding Light) and having a lot of fun!

IN MY 50’s
starting to get hungry…and a little depressed

IN MY 60’s
Turning the corner and enjoying aging.